Best Low MB Small Games For Android That Are Less Than 5 MB [Free Downloads]

Last updated: 12th July, 2017

I know why you are looking for best small games for Android. Chances are you don’t have a high speed internet connection or your device is a low-end one.

Don’t worry! I am going to help you find some games weighing under 5 MB through this article.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the best small size Android games list for you!

Best Small Size Low RAM Games for Android that are below 5 MB and Free To Download

Listed below are the games I found during my quest to get my hands on low-sized games for Android.

  1. Jump: Best Game On The Small Size Android Game List

best low MB android games that do not hang

If you are a person who likes to play simple but interesting games, you are going to love Jump. All you have to do is controlling a smiley (see where 🙂 comes from) without touching continuous horizontal bars shown on the screen.

In order to control the smiley, you need to tilt the device left and right. With the right timing and execution, you can get it sneak through those bars.

You get to choose between two difficulty levels and, the game weighs below 4 MB, to be precise.

Download Jump from Play Store

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  1. Ball Jump: One of the best low memory android games free download

Nice strategy games for Android with low memory requirement

In Ball Jump, you have to allow a ball to move through the cubes. The cubes in the games aren’t continuously arranged. You have to make the ball jump when a gap comes near.

Similar to the small game shared above, you have to wait for the right moment and tap on the screen to take the leap. If you fail to execute a timely jump, you will end up falling into the gap in between the stack of cubes.

You have to increase the size limit to 6 MB, though.

Download Ball Jump from Play Store

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  1. Chess for Android: Low memory games for android

Download Chess Games For Android

Are you looking for a full-fledged Chess game for Android? Well, here you have it!

You don’t have to give in more than 5 MB of space for this as well. You can indulge in intense gaming sessions with the Chess engine attached to the game. It accepts inputs via touch, trackpad and keyboard.

If you are new to Chess, you can have the option that highlights the next valid move. Moreover, there are features to correct your mistakes and record all moves.

You can even export all the moves as a file or copy it to your clipboard to share the same with whomever you want to.

Download Chess for Android from Play Store

  1. 2048

Classic strategic games for low MB android smartphones

2048 needs no introduction among strategic game lovers. It is a classic game of tiles containing specific numbers on it. When you hit two of them together, you will get one tile with the sum of the prior two on the new one.

All you have to do is making at least one tile with 2048 on it. Seems pretty simple! But you have to work hard to get the hang of it. The game supports 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 squares. The game includes an automatic saving facility with undo-to-one-move button.

Download 2048 from Play Store

  1. Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is one of the popular small games for Android. The game needs at least two people to have an interesting playing session. You will have to place orbs into the cells. Once a cell gets the maximum number of orbs, it will explode, giving the orbs a chance to spread into the surrounding cells.

The person who wipes out all other people’s orbs becomes the winner. You can play game with the help of guesswork. But I believe that a little logic can bring you the victory.

Download Chain Reaction from Play Store

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  1. Atomic Bomber: Best vintage war android games

Atomic Bomber is a simple game. You take the charge of a fighter plane pilot in a mission to demolish all the communists from Europe.

The game is set in 1970s (even though there isn’t much support from the graphics, though). You have to drop atomic bombs on communists to eliminate them. Although the graphics may not impress you, playing this game can be addictive.

Download Atomic Bomber from Play Store

  1. Shoot Bubble Deluxe: Best Small Size Candy Crush Alternative

Nice candy crush alternative android ngame

Are you familiar with bubble busting games? Shoot Bubble Deluxe is one among them.

You will get a group of bubbles and a shooter at the bottom. When the game begins, you have to shoot the group of bubbles with the gun below. Make sure the color of the bubble you want to shoot matches with the color of the bubble you use as the bullet.

If you liked to candy crush bubble witch games and want a low MB small size candy crush bubble witch alternative for low MB android phones this game is for you.

When three bubbles of the same color come closer, they burst out. You have to make the maximum number of bursting.

Download Shoot Bubble Deluxe from Play Store

  1. Traffic Jam Free: Best car and road android games

If you want regular updates for a game, you will not find it promising. Traffic Jam Free was last updated about three years back.

You have to get a yellow car out of the traffic jam. There are four themes available with the game; car park, ice block, harbor and plain block. The gamer should overcome all the obstacles to get the car out of the jam.

Download Traffic Jam Free from Play Store

  1. Find Ball

The idea behind Find Ball is simple. The name says it all. You get three cups within the game. It will show at the beginning that a ball is inserted into one cup.

Within no time, three of the cups get moved and juggled around. You have to choose the cup with the ball inside. At first, the game seems to be simple. But the advanced levels with a lot of sudden movements will create issues for you in picking the right cup.

Download Find Ball from Play Store

Wrapping Up: Best Low MB Android Games For Faster Playing Experience

Please Note: All these best small android games for low memory phones are hand-picked by us. These were very small in size at the time of writing but with updates they can show a higher size. However, these won’t effect your gaming experience on your phone.

You have got nine of the best small games under 5 MB. I have cross checked the size of the games (yeah, one game weighs 6 MB).

What is your favorite small size android game? Did I miss anything? Feel free to comment below.

If you have any issues installing games directly from Play Store, you can go on download appropriate APK files. Given that these are small games, you won’t be needing data. 

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