9 Best Way To Drive Referral Traffic To Your Blog

Isn’t referral traffic great?

How about I tell you some awesome ways to drive referral traffic to your site?

Wouldn’t you like to know about them?

I know you would!


In present time only minority of people get success while driving social referral traffic.

Hence I’m sharing a majority of proved and state-of-the-art approach to getting more referral traffic.

But wait,

Before we start, let me give you a glimpse of what referral traffic is?

What the Heck Referral Traffic Actually Is?

Getting Traffic or visitor from another website to your own site is termed as Referral Traffic.

It means other websites refer your blog to their audience.

More sites that refer to your blog, then more Referral Traffic is what you receive.

Still didn’t get what referral traffic is?

Let me explain you by giving a couple of examples. Ready?

You write a new article, and share it on popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter and someone visits your site via that shared link, then that visitor is called as referral visitor and that traffic is called as referral traffic.

Another example is, you read an article on a blog and leave a comment there with your own website link.

You get a visit from that link, and that’s how you get referral traffic.

Is Referral Traffic Important?

Referral Traffic boosts your blog post ranking.

Search Engines analyze major amount of engagement on your blog post by referral traffic.

Referral Traffic to your blog helps Google and other search engine realize that your site is live and working as they stumble on your site URL from other websites.

Drive Referral Traffic


9 Prominent Ways To Drive Referral Traffic!

Read on to find out, the best ways to earn yourself referral traffic.

1. Social Media:

Social Media is currently the heart of entire Internet.

At the present time, there are countless social networking sites.

Here I’m interested in covering only 4 popular Social Networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest) to obtain referral traffic.

(i) Facebook

  • Join active groups on Facebook related to your niche.
  • Share your link on these groups!
  • Try not to spam as earlier you must first keep sharing other’s blogs link.
  • Keep the ratio 10:1, share your own blog’s link only after sharing links from 10 other blogs.
  • Don’t rush by sharing too many links per day.
  • Share gradually and you’ll see the benefits within weeks (Yeah! I said weeks and not days, referral traffic does not come easy fellas).

(ii) Google+

Just like we have Groups on Facebook, we have something similar called Communities on Google+.

Join Communities related to your niche and share your articles.

Always keep in mind, NO SPAMMING.


Link sharing should look graceful and not suspicious, like a desperate webmaster who wants to get referral traffic.

To be true, Google+ users are smarter than the ones found on Facebook, so chances of detecting you’re spamming are high on Google+.

(iii) Twitter

Twitter is another best way to get referral traffic.

A healthy amount of followers on Twitter is the key to driving more referral traffic.

More Followers = More Referral Traffic!

Keep sharing good and quality content on Twitter, news feeds on Twitter are highly volatile, they disappear within seconds from your view.

In order to attract attention, you must make effective use of the 140 characters.

Write a viral-looking and thought-inducing tweet on Twitter, this creates questions in reader’s mind and to know the answer he needs to pierce through the link.

Use a URL shortner like goo.gl as original URL look very ugly!

To get more followers, you can use service like JustRetweet and to automate your Twitter, tools like Hootsuite and Buffers gives you great advantage.

(iV) Pinterest

Pinterest is very good place to get lots of referral traffic to your website because majority of people are active on Pinterest.

Increase your followers by uploading breathtaking images related to your niche and following other people in your niche.

You can even embed Pinterest Subscribe Button on your site to get more followers.

2. Blog Commenting:

An age old way of getting more referral traffic is Blog Commenting.

Existing even before social media, Commenting on other blogs is a favorable way of capturing referring traffic.

It helps build relationship with other bloggers in your niche and also make backlinks.

You need to put an exceptional comment on others blogs rather than putting something like ‘Nice Post’, ‘excellent article’ or so on.

Your comment must talk in terms of the article and should be minimum of 100 words so as others readers read your comment and get them interested in reading your blog article too.

A comment like one shown below will not only add value to other blogs but also help you build relationship with other bloggers, get referral traffic and also valuable backlinks.

Reputable brand don't wait for customers, customers wait for them. If you are so much reputable then why you came by your own to comment on my post?


3. Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is my favorite way to drive traffic to my blog.

Social bookmarking is an easy way to generate referral traffic, if you keep sharing valuable content via it.

People who are active on social bookmarking sites are always in search of reading exciting stuff available on the internet.

So if you know, you’ve written amazing content, then do to share it on these popular social bookmarking sites mentioned below.

4. Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is a way of posting an amazing article on someone else’s blog.

Let’s assume, you have started a Tech blog and have written over 20+ articles on it.

Now you must research other blogs similar to you in your niche.

With an excellent article and topic, you must pitch other website owners via the website’s Contact Us page.

Some websites even have an exclusive page, where they ask you to submit Guest Post.

I always recommend writing an article over 1000+ words only.

Many blogs give you a dofollow link to your own blog.

Via this link, readers of others blog will stumble on your blog and you end up getting referral traffic.

Guest Posting

An awesome Guest Post How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World – written by Jon Morrow on ProBlogger.net

5. Blog Communities:

Blog Communities is somewhat similar to Social Bookmarking sites but with a major difference.

On Blog Communities, majority of profiles are blogger themselves.

Blog Communities were actually meant for bloggers who come up and share their new articles with the world.

They are like, directory for bloggers, their websites and their article.

Blog Communities are an excellent way of finding new people related to your niche and talking with them.

Depending on Blog Communities, you may get options to Like, Comment and Share other articles and even chat with other Bloggers.

Some even have options to follow other members and let other follow you and so on.

Popular Blog Communities that I use are…

6. Video Marketing:

In today’s world, a blogger has great potential to reach his target audience then it was say 5 years ago.

One of the major breakthrough in the Blogging world is the use of Video Marketing.

Suppose, you write a content on ‘How to format your Android Smartphone’, you usually use images as a step-by-step procedure to do it.

In similar fashion, you can take those images, create a slideshow, add comments on various steps involved and upload it on popular Video sharing sites.

Now just put your website URL in the description on this video.

You can put small watermark to your website on either corners of your video or even a full blown image with your site URL at the start and end of your video.

You can also move to Youtube SEO: Secret Guide To Boost Video Rank

Popular Video Sharing Sites Are:

  • Youtube
  • Dailymotion
  • Metacafe
  • Vimeo

7. Infographics:

Infographics are an excellent way, to rehash your content into an image.

Infographics are the toughest and time consuming, but if done in right way they can instantly go viral.

You can try and build a infographic yourself by using software like Photoshop or can even hire a graphic designer to design one for you on Fiverr.

There are multiple sites out there that help your design infographics in a drag-and-drop fashion.

Sites that help you design infographics…

8. Use Q&A Sites:

When a blogger finishes writing article, what he/she does is,  share it on popular social networking and bookmarking sites, build backlinks and watch its SERP.


Not me.

Wanna know what I do?

I head up to Q&A sites and search for questions related to the article I just wrote.

I open these sites and keep answering questions related to my article and just drop my link there.

Since an article is meant to solve problems, I head out to people who face that problem and with my article I help them.

On Q&A site, there’s a fine line between spamming and answering genuinely.

Hence make sure, you write a lengthy answer and then share your article link.

5 Question and Answer sites you should use…

9. Quality Content matter:

Now you may think how does quality content comes in a list of Referral Traffic.

Let me explain!

Suppose you write a well-researched guide on ‘Developing an Android App’ and many people read it.

Once they read it, they will definitely share it.

Once they share, they do remember your site and generate an image that your site writes only excellent stuff.

[yellowbox]Note: Use Grammarly to fix your grammatical errors and make your content worth sharing.[/yellowbox]

So if for somehow these same people read your blog URL on some other websites or even on Social Media and the topic interests them.

They are definitely going to click-through that link and hence you get referral traffic based on trust your readers have.

Final Words!

When you start a new blog, Referral traffic is your saving grace.

Step-by-step try all the referral traffic strategies listed above.

Try all of them and then analyze which one of these works best for you and keep working on it even when you start getting Organic Traffic.

Indeed Referral Traffic is a saving grace for new bloggers, who have a very slim chance of getting Organic Traffic at start.

If you’ve tried any for the ways mentioned above, do let me know in the comments section and let me know your experience.

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