How To Delete a YouTube Offline Video Downloaded To Your Phone Easily

So, you want to delete offline videos downloaded to your phone, right?

When we come across an interesting video and have no time to watch the same, the best thing to do is save it to offline. You can watch the offline video once you become free.

As you pile up many videos to offline, they will eat up a lot of space of your phone. And, it will create an issue when you want more storage. That’s when you think about deleting the offline videos you downloaded.

In this article, you are going to read the exact same thing. So, shall we begin?

How to Delete a YouTube Offline Video Downloaded to Your Phone?

I have included two methods to delete YouTube offline videos. The first one is used to delete a single video whereas you can use the second method for erasing videos in bulk.

1. How to Delete a YouTube Offline Video

I hope you have saved at least one video offline on YouTube app, that’s why you are looking for methods to delete them.

Just follow the steps given below.

  1. First, you have to launch YT application on your smartphone. The way to do the same is completely up to you. Use app drawer or any shortcuts you have.
  1. Once you open the application, you can see the homepage with a few videos and an ads on the top. You have three tabs on the app, don’t you?You need to swipe right to your Account tab, which is the last one among the three.
  1. You can see multiple options there including History, My videos, notifications etc. Beneath available offline, you can see another option named Saved videos. Don’t hesitate to tap on the same to open it.

How to delete a YouTube Offline Video

  1. After tapping on Saved videos, you will get a list of videos you have saved offline. You have to find out videos you watched and you didn’t. Our aim is to get rid of videos you watched and still eating up a lot of internal memory of your device.You can see three-dots right next to each video title. Simply tap on the same to get more options.
  1. Tapping on the same opens a small menu with only one option on it; Remove. Simply, hit on it.
  1. The app will ask you whether you are sure about deleting the video or not. So, tap on Remove again.

There you go! You can’t see the same video ever again as an offline video. It is possible to confirm the deletion by following Settings>> Storage and USB. You can see the amount of free space there. Check the same before and after deletion.

I hope you now know how to delete a YouTube offline video downloaded to your phone. When you have many videos, it really is a tedious process to repeat the same process over and over again. In such an instance, you can use the following method for the bulk deletion.

2. How to Delete YouTube Offline Videos in Bulk

Here, you will know how to batch delete YouTube offline videos. Similar to the above method, this one is also done using YouTube application.

  1. You have to open YouTube application first. I recommend you installing the latest version on your device. (The offline video deletion works well without the latest version, though).
  1. Go to your Account tab. You can do it by swiping to the right two times. In order to change any configuration related to YT app, we need to come over here.
  1. Can you see three vertical dots on the top-right corner of the app? Tap on the same to bring up a menu with a few options.
  1. From the menu that pops up, you should choose Settings. As you may notice, the method is not similar to the one you see at first.
  1. On the Settings panel, you can see seven options. Yeah, you have to tap on the second one that says Offline.
  1. You can see the available storage after tapping on Offline option. What you have to choose next is Clear offline. You can spot it as the last option under Save offline, beneath Offline help.
  1. Now you will see a prompt with a question; Remove all videos and playlists?. You should tap Ok.

There you go! Once you select Ok, you will never see any offline videos on your YouTube application.

I don’t recommend this method if you have any unwatched videos as offline on your YouTube app. In such cases, you can follow the first method I have shared here.

Can You Transfer YT Offline Video to PC and other Phones?

No, you can’t.

It is possible to get the same video on other phones and PCs, though. YouTube app saves offline videos not in video format, but in a special system format. That’s why we can’t get the exact file on other devices.

Still, you can download videos by using third-party applications and transfer the same to whichever device you want.

Tubemate is the popular YT video downloader application. You can’t install it from Play Store. So, use the link I have given here.

Once a video is downloaded, you can transfer it using any method to another device.

Wrapping Up: How to delete Offline YouTube Videos Downloaded To Your Mobile/tablet

You know how to delete a YouTube offline video now, don’t you?

The steps needed for it are simple as shown here in this article. If you face any issue doing the same, you can use the comment section to notify me about your problem. I will get back to you at the earliest.

Although I mentioned Tubemate only, you can use other downloading applications as well. (VidMate is another worthy one).

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