How To Do Keyword Research: Best Guide For Newbies

Keyword research is the most important thing which bloggers need to do and it is a very important part of SEO.

May it be a long term blog or a niche blog, for earning good amount of money keyword research is a must.

Google Keyword Planner can help you in finding the best keywords which you should target. There are many other keyword research tools which one can use for finding the right keywords.

how to do keyword research

You’ll not only be able to go through a very useful how to do keyword research guide, but in this post you’ll also get useful information about some of the best keyword research tools.

 What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research means finding the best keyword phrases which one should target for bringing more organic traffic to a website or blog.

The most important things which one thinks about while doing keyword research are monthly search volume, competition level, conversion rate etc.

By doing keyword research properly, you’ll be able to know the best low-competition keywords which you can target. It will help you in getting very good ranking for different keywords which will start bringing lot of traffic to your blog resulting in good revenue.

How to do Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner?

Many bloggers and even those who run websites make use of Google Keyword Planner for keyword research as it is available for free.

Here are the steps which you need to follow for finding the right keywords using Google Keyword Planner.

  1. You’ll need to have a Google Adwords account as then only you’ll be able to make use of Google Keyword Planner for doing keyword research.
  2. After this you’ll be able to see 4 different keyword research tools. The 3rd one which is ‘Get click and cost performance forecasts is mainly a very useful tool for advertisers, while the other 3 tools are useful for publishers. Know how you can make use of these 3 tools for finding the best keywords.
    keyword planner option

3. Finding Different Keywords using ‘Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category’ tool.

Using this tool you’ll be able to find different keywords easily. You just need to know the seed keywords as then only you’ll be able to find the related keywords.

search for new keywords

Here you’ll need to into the keywords in the box which is ‘Your product or service’. You’ll need to type your website url in the box which is ‘Your landing page’. Other information that you’ll need to input is the ‘Country‘ you’re targeting, ‘Language‘ and the ‘Search Engine’.

search new keyword prase

You can even filter the keywords by customizing the search according to the ‘Average monthly searches’ required or the ‘Avg.CPC’.


After you’ve done the above things, you just need to click on ‘Get Ideas’ and you’ll be able to know the different keywords as per your product or service.

4. Making use of ‘Get search volume data and trends’ tool

This option will help you in knowing the search volume for different keywords easily. You can know the search volume of various keywords together by entering the keywords in the ‘Enter Keywords’ box.

You also have the option of providing the keywords by uploading a CSV file.

get search volume data

5. Using ‘Multiply Keyword lists to get new keyword ideas’ tool

If you want to go through combinations of different keywords, then you need to make use of this option available in Google Keyword Planner.

multiply keywords

People who’re going to sell a product or going to offer a service can make use of this option for knowing the different keyword combinations related to their product.

6. Targeting the Right Keywords

Whenever you’ll make use of the above 3 tools provided in Google Keyword Planner, you’ll be able to know the average monthly searches, competition as well as the Avg.CPC.

You should try to target the keywords having good number of monthly searches. At the same time you should remember that getting good ranking for keywords having low or medium competition will be easier than getting ranking for keywords with high competition.

If you’ve a Google Adsense account, then you should definitely have a proper look at ‘Avg.CPC’ for various keywords. Higher Avg.CPC means that the keywords have a good value and one will be able to monetize properly.

By selecting ‘Broad‘ or ‘Phrase‘ specific match type, you’ll be able to know search volumes for different related words and phrases.

[yellowbox]Important Tip – Google keeps coming with new algorithm updates regularly and that’s why it is necessary that you adjust the way you do keyword research as per the changing algorithms. You should try to target the keywords for which your blog will be able to rank easily and for that you definitely need to consider your competitors. Including ‘LSI keywords’ in the blog posts is also an important thing as Google indexes search keywords and it can help you in getting better search engine ranking.[/yellowbox]

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Here is the information about 2 Very Popular Keyword Research Tools

Long Tail Pro for finding Long Tail Keywords Easily

Long Tail Pro which one can buy by paying one-time fee of $97 is one of the best SEO tools for finding long tail keywords. You’ll be able to find high-value keywords having less competition. By entering a seed keyword, you’ll be able to know all the long tail keywords containing the seed keyword.

The best option which one gets with Long Tail Pro is that one can apply the required filters for finding the best long tail keywords. One can apply the filter of ‘Average Local Searches’ for finding long tail keywords having good number of searches or the ‘Number of Words’ filter for finding long tail keywords containing number of words as per your choice.

SEMrush – Best Keyword Research Tool for Beating Competitors

SEMrush is considered as a best keyword research tool by many because it will help you in knowing the keywords for which your competitors are ranking. If you’re unable to know that which keywords you should target, then definitely SEMrush tool will help you out. SEMrush also helps in knowing about the country specific Google search ranking and that’s why you’ll be able to rank local sites easily by doing keyword research using SEMrush tool.

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This keyword research guide shall definitely be useful for you. If you are unable to find the perfect keywords which you should target, then you definitely need to take help from some SEO experts. Do let me know that which tool you mostly use for doing keyword research.

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