Off-Page SEO – A Necessary Thing for Website Ranking

Off-Page SEO is the important factor for website ranking and I always doing off-page more then On-Page SEO. In my previews post, I already described On-Page SEO.

So in my this post I give you full brief description about Off-page and both SEO factors are important for better ranking, so you can check out my On-page SEO guide also.

I know what you are thinking now. You are thinking… What is Off-Page? Right

So if you know about it, then skip to on next paragraph or if you did not, then read it continuously.

Off-page SEO – those activities which you do outside of your website/blog to get better ranking, Such as Directory submission, Social Promotion, building backlinks and many more.


Now you better understand about off-page. In off page optimization the most important factors are-:

  1. Link Building
  2. Social Promotion (social media)

These two factors are important for website ranking, and I explain both factors in this post but before it. I want to give you detail about the importance of Off-Page SEO.

Why is Off Page SEO Important?

Off-Page gives the search engine a good indication about your web site that how many people and other site perceive the website (Particular website which is doing off-page). If you get more links from another site that give a signal to Search engine, you have quality content and people like your content.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page optimization Important Factors

After knowing about Off-page SEO and it importance now, I explain both factors which I mention in starting of the article. So let’s check out both:

1. Link Building:-

Link building is most popular method of Off-Page optimization. Link-building means – building external link to your website; it’s called “backlinks.” basically backlinks are those link which are pointing to your website from another page or site. So there are some techniques to build link for your website:

Blog commenting:

The Blog commenting is a simple and easy way to make backlinks for your website. You can easily do it to go to any website and read his/her post and leave your comment. So very simple right, but there are some tips I give you for blog commenting:

*Don’t do spamming when you are doing blog commenting.

*Don’t put anchor text or any keyword in the name field.

*Don’t put more than two keywords in comment.

*just do it naturally,

You can also Check out my blog commenting Sites list.

Forum Marketing:

Forum marketing is the great way to build links and promote your website. Find your site niche forum and sign up into those forums. Then replaying on others questions, threats, give them advice, etc. It will help you to build a relationship and give you link juice.

Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is very simple way to promoting, getting links and traffic to your website. Social bookmarking sites are those sites where you can submit your site or your latest post. Search engine loves bookmarking site because their content is regularly updating. There are social bookmarking sites which you can use for bookmarking.

Video Marketing:

Video marketing is now popular marketing for every business or site. People like to watch videos instead of reading blog post. So if you have a video on your site, then you can publish it to the video site like YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube is very popular video site, and it have own search engine so you can make your products and tutorial video to drive traffic to your website by making video. you can also learn youtube SEO guide.

Q&A sites:

Q&A sites are that sites where people were asking question for particle problem. So these sites are opportunities to build a reputation and also getting link to your site by giving them a right answer.

You can login into Q&A site and then find a question and give them a best answer and solve their problem. You can add your site link into source section, and then the people easily find your websites and if you make a blog post related to a question. Then you can also add your post link to a source section to give them a solution.

There are some most popular Q&A sites:

2. Social Promotion (Social Media):

Promoting blog post on social media is very popular and helpful method, and also it is given you a no-follow link. Social media make your online reputation, and this is good for your site. You can also follow my Google plus page here

Every business needs promotion, so social media is very useful for promoting your blog post and product on social sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Etc.

So make your social profile if you don’t have and then promote your posts on social media. You can also use some social media management tool for done this task easily.  Some tools are:

You may also like to read:

Final Words!

Off page SEO is Necessary for your site because without off-page you can’t get better ranking. I don’t say that don’t do On-Page optimization. Doing on-page SEO properly, and then you do above all method, and I’m defiantly sure that you get better ranking in SERP.

If you have any questions or queries, comment below and I solve it very soon. You can contact me on my social profile:

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