On-Page SEO Guide: Secret Techniques To Improve SEO Ranking

In SEO World I saw there are two important factors. First one is on-page SEO and second one is off-page SEO. So today I’m giving you on-page SEO guide.

So there are too many people say about “content is king” and take care about keyword density. So this two factor cover all on-page optimization. If you think this two factor are on-page main part? No this is not impotent – so let’s take on-page SEO ride with us to know properly about on-page.

Take a look to infographics for Quick understand –



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13 Secret Keys That Search Engine And Readers Both Love

(On-Page SEO Guide)

Here is the most detailed guide on optimizing your blog for SEO on my other blog. I have mentioned the steps for the same for your better understanding.

1. Seo Friendly Permalinks: –

Make your page URL short and simple. Use 3-4 words permalinks with your primary keyword. Like this –

www.quicklinko.com/on-page-seo-guide. Don’t put like this URL–

one-page seo-short-url

If your permalink is keyword rich so Google give you more weight. You can see example below –


Above image you can see my keyword highlighted with bold tag that means Google give more weight to this keyword. So this is very strong signal for ranking 🙂


2. Start Title With Primary Keyword:-

Put your primary (Focus) keyword in the beginning of your title. If you start your title with keyword so Google give you more attention or higher rank in search engine.

You can see below image to understand what I want to say –


You don’t need to put your keyword at the beginning of the title but if you want rank higher quickly so add keyword on starting.

3. Put Title In H1 Tag:-

Always put your title in <H1> tag, most of platform like wordpress automatically make your title in h1 tag. But sometimes some themes not support and overwrite and putting title in <h2> tag so you can change heading tag setting.

See below image for better understanding –


<H1> is heading tag and Google first of all see title tag to know about page and content topic. So google crawler is only reading heading to get idea about your post. So make sure you have title with <H1> tag.


4. Put Your Primary Keyword In First Paragraph:-

Add your primary keyword (focus keyword) in first paragraph of your page. Also add keyword with bold tag (<B>). See screenshot to get my point –


Make sure you do this naturally to add brief description before post and put your targeted keyword in first 100 words. Like this –

5. Use Outbound Links In Your Content:-

This is white hat SEO technique to give a hint to know about your content. Truly said you lots of bloggers and SEO experts using this from long time. But some newbies are not using this so I told you about this technique.

So add 2-4 outbound links in per 1000 words. So if you write 2000 words content then add 4-8 links in your post. So it also shows google that this is quality content or info.

Note:- make sure you putting the authority site link in your content as outbound links. Like Wikipedia, .edu sites and moz etc.

6. Use Modifiers In Your Title:-

Add some modifiers in your title like “2014”, “Guide”, “Review”, “best”. Those all are modifiers. This is good for rank with long tail keywords. You can see example –

I’m also using modifier in my title tag “On-Page SEO Guide: Secret Techniques to Improve SEO Ranking. I’m using “Guide” modifier to make long tail keywords. This is awesome trick for making long tail keywords. I show this in search engine when you search for some product and about latest tricks so that Google automatically shows you your keyword with modifiers. See below –


7. Put Multimedia In Your Content:-

Use multimedia like Videos, Images, Diagrams, graphs those all help readers to understand about your content and also increase your bounce rate. Also by putting multimedia like images and video your post look good.

Using multimedia to your content which increase user interaction which says to google this is quality content and google boost your ranking.

8. Increase Your Page Speed:-

Increase your page loading speed because speed is most important SEO factors. Google track your page speed for user experience. You can boost your site by using some plugin like W3 Total Cache. And compressing your images to boost your page speed.

You can check page speed using gtmetrix.com


Make sure your site will open in under 4 seconds. This is give your site more weight in search engine. And also readers will come again to your site.

9. Use Social Sharing Button:-

Social sharing button give your readers to share your content with others. This is good method to boost your traffic and give a hint to Google about page social signals. But when we talking to at present time social signal isn’t part of SEO (Yet).

One more this if you have good social share then you’ll get advertisers offers. Because they want those site which have lots of blog engagement.

10. Write Long Content:-

Write long and details content. Because long content get higher rank in search engine like google. By SERPIQ.com they study on long content give you more higher.


Aim for 2000 words for competitive keywords. As my rule I’m always write minimum 1200 words content for my blogs.

11. Drop LSI Keywords In Your Content:-

Drop LSI keywords around you primary keywords for giving a hint to Google about your content. And LSI keywords are those keywords which is similar to focus keyword.

You can better understand by this screenshot –


If you finding LSI keywords so put your keyword in search bar and take scroll down and see, google give you related search result. In this image you can see all bold words are LSI keywords and you can use it in your content to help Google for better understanding about your page.

12. Make Your Blog/Site Design More Attractive:-

Design your blog theme or site user friendly and attractive to get more user engagement. If your blog is looking good and professional than readers come back to your blog or site.

You can use studiopress theme for your wordpress blog to look professional. Studiopress building more attractive, user friendly and responsive theme for his users.

You can also contact me for theme and I’ll give you good theme in low price (50-70-% off).

13. Reduce Bounce Rate:-

Insert internal links in your content to decrease you bounce rate. Bounce rate means those rate which give Google about page quality. If people reached on your post and instantly close your page that’s give a single low quality content.

You can use internal link in your content to increase your bounce rate as well as I’m doing in my post. Make sure your post starting is good so than people read your content till end of the post.

This all are important factors of on-page SEO. But this is not enough. I haven’t added some factors in my infographics. But I’m describe those factors below –

Image Optimization:-  

Image optimization is another technique to get more traffic and rank. You can also rank your image in Google image search and get organic traffic from image. How you can optimize your image for SEO. Here is the trick, see below Screenshot first –


In the image area you can add your keywords in your “ALT” tag to optimize your image. Look above image I added on-page SEO keyword in my alt to properly optimize image. You can also insert keywords in title tag and its give Google to another clue about your content.

Always Make Quality Content:- 

You all hear about quality content and many site or blog says that “content is king”. But I think make content for reader not for Google. Because Google doesn’t crawl your content. Its read only keywords and heading tag and all on-page method.

But he see user interaction and bounce rate to get hint about your content quality. If your content is well optimize with good design and people love it so Google also love it 🙂

So write from your heart and make your content design awesome with images and video. So both of Google & readers love your content.

Add Internal Link:-

Put internal links in your content to increase your blog bounce rate and also get higher rank in search engine. You can see Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is one of great example for internal-linking. Visit on  Wikipedia.


Add keyword rich internal links in your content and boost your page and also boost those page which you linked with your content also 🙂

Add Keyword In H2 Or H3 Tag:- 

Put your targeted keyword in H2 or H3 tag once. This is not give higher ranking in google but is still good for google to read your content easily 🙂

So drag your keyword in H2 tags and when you targeting multiple keyword then you can add multiple H2 tags in your post to get rank for those all keywords.


So these all are important factors of on-page SEO and this guide helps you to get higher rank in Search engine. If you want to know about more about SEO and internet marketing so sign up and get weekly update about SEO & link- Building.

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