Youtube SEO: Secret Guide To Boost Video Rank

Hello readers, this is another guide on QuickLinko about youtube SEO for better video ranking.

So, if you are wondering how to rank your videos in youtube or google, then you’re at right place to get all the required information about youtube video seo. As you already know, youtube is second biggest search engine in the world, Youtube can be a good traffic source for you if used strategically. As per the research and data, Youtube receives over 1 billion unique visitors every month so you must be using it for your online business.

Let’s start this guide for better understanding how youtube seo works….

Youtube SEO Guide From Scratch



This is a step by step guide to make better strategy for how to rank youtube video in both search engine (Youtube and Google).

#Step1: Find “Video Keyword” For Your Video

In SEO, we’ll do keyword research first for our youtube video to get better results.

So finding keyword that rank your video in youtube that called “video keywords” This is necessary to find the right keyword according to your topic. According to youtube search queries I’m giving you some keyword research examples, so you can use them.

  • How-to keywords (“How to make chocolate cake”)
  • Reviews (“Iphone6 review”)
  • Tutorials (“Set-up your first WordPress blog”)
  • Sports Fitness related topics (“Cricket world cup 2015”)
  • Funny Videos (“Cute babies”)

So if you optimize your video around this video keyword then you get huge traffic from Google directly. And get 1st page position in Google search.

How you can find video Keyword:-

It’s very easy task to find video keywords. So find keyword in your niche and search it in google search bar. If you find youtube video in search result. Like I’m showing in below image –

youtube seo guide

Then pick your keyword and then check it in google keyword planner, Make sure it have enough monthly searches.

Because you have to pick that keyword which gets monthly good searches.

So make sure your keyword get at least 300 monthly searches in Google search engine.


youtube seo

Why 300 searches? Because if your keyword gets at least 300 searches per month, then you get a decent amount of traffic from youtube. And if your video rank then you gets 300+ monthly traffic and get more quality traffic on video.

#Step2: Make Awesome and professional video

 Make you video professional and awesome which user like and enjoy. You can also hire professional video graphic designer for a day.

I personally said that I was not hire a graphic designer because I have an awesome tool Camtasia. In this tool, I make lots of awesome video easily 🙂

If you have very tight budget then you can buy Camtasia tool and make videos easily.

If your video is good and interacting then users watch it and if your video is suck then you can’t get rank, no matter how much you optimized your video. YouTube only track quality and people interaction only.

Which type of user Experience Metrics YouTube use?

Here some detail how the YouTube track your video quality:

  • Video retention: video retention is percentage of your video people to watch. If you have a high percentage then you get higher rank.youtube seo
  • Subscribe after watching video: If people watch your video then subscribe your channel that is a good signal about your video quality. Which means people like your video and then want the future update?youtube seo guide
  • Comments: If people comment on your video that’s means they enjoy your video.(More comment, better)youtube seo
  • Shares: If people share your video on social sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter then it is good single that people like your video and they want to share with friends.youtube seo guide
  • Like/Dislike: If you want to see how you video performing on YouTube then you can see user experience data.(Thumbs up and thumbs down)youtube seo guide

#step3: YouTube video SEO optimization

Optimization of YouTube video SEO is important to get higher rank in YouTube search. I describe YouTube seo optimization briefly below –

Make SEO Friendly Video Title:

Add your video keyword in your video title and also your video should at least five words long. Because this make your title seo and user friendly like we are doing in blog posting.

IMP Tip: If you want to boost your video on competitive keyword then you can add your video keyword at the beginning of your title.




Video Description:

Description is important for ranking because YouTube and Google can’t listen to the video, so they read you title and description that you write.

Follow my basic guideline for better understanding 🙂

  • Include your keyword at the top or 1st 25 words.
  • Include your keyword at least 3-4 time in you description.(But Don’t spam)
  • Make your description 250 words long.
  • Put your link at the top of the description.
  • Put you all profile link at the end of your description.

See below example:-


YouTube Tags:

Add your keyword and related keyword in your YouTube tag. It’s help YouTube and Google, what your video Is about.


youtube tags

Targeted tags do not help you for ranking, but it help you when someone watching some video and your topic is related to that video topic then YouTube showing your video in the sidebar.



youtube seo tags

Video filename:

When you’re done, you video, then change your video file name to your keyword.

Example- If you are making video on “On-page SEO Guide” then make your filename to “on-page-Seo-Guide”.



#Step4: Get More Views On Your Video

This is very impotent for your video to get views. If you want to beat your competitor or your keyword is very comparative then get more views.

But make sure only real view no bots and fiverr services. Because YouTube track your view count, and it want real.

So more view = More high rank…. 🙂

So there is some way I describe to get more real views for your new video-

Promote Your Video:

Promote your video on all social media site and share it with Facebook groups and Google + communities to get more real views.

Also, share your video on your niche communities.  For example, if you have blogging niche then share your video on blogging communities.

Add Your Latest Video Link Into Your Email Signature:

Add your latest YouTube video link to your email signature. When you send mail to anyone who get your latest video link, and they will be watching it.

email signature

Embed Your Video In Your Blog Post:

Embed your video into your blog post that is related to your video. When you embed your video into blog post, so user better understand what you want to say and describe.

See below example:-

                                                                  youtube guide

Now what you do next….

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